Proof of Concept funds

Proof of Concept funds

Proof of Concept studies are intended to support innovative new research ideas, typically in a partnership that includes industry partners or describes an alternative and clear pathway to economic impact. These research ideas will be at an early stage of development in terms of examining their potential for commercial impact, typically at TRLs 1 and 2. The expectation is that successful PoC studies will provide the basis for a strongly supported case for further funding through Research Council, Innovate UK, or EC funding.

These funds will stimulate new collaborations in strategic priority areas identified by BBNet, and pump-prime research leading to more ambitious proposals to UKRI, EC and other funders, and eventually innovation by UK industry.

Past funding calls

New BBNet Proof of Concept (POC) funding call, up to £50K/projects

25 January 2023

We are pleased to announce that the next BBNet POC Funding Call is now open. Funding is available for BBNet members who are eligible to receive BBSRC funding. All applicants must be BBNet members at the time of the application. Projects can be any duration up to 12 months.

All projects must be within the scope of the BBNet network:

  • The Biomass Biorefinery Network (BBNet) serves as a focal point to build and sustain a dynamic community of industrial and academic practitioners working together to develop new processes for the conversion of non-food biomass into sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials. BBNet brings together scientists and businesses with interests in biorenewable products.
  • BBNet emphasises translational research that encompasses sustainable biomass provision through to processing and production of fuels, chemicals and materials; encouraging genomic, synthetic and systems biology approaches in the research we sponsor.
  • Feedstocks will include agricultural and forest residues, food industry and brewing waste, municipal and commercial solid waste, marine biomass and biomass crops.
  • Our remit will encompass bioprocessing, bio-catalysis and fermentation of biomass, and as we are part funded by EPSRC, will embrace chemical conversion and engineering as part of a biotechnological process.
  • Funds will support a range of activities, from research or data production through to theoretical, economic, environmental or social studies.
  • BBNet promotes excellent industrial biotechnology research with a strong influence of translational research bridging the gap to application, enabling work to progress to Technology Readiness Levels three to four where it connects with the capabilities of BioPilotsUK or another translational or business development activity.

Application process and timeline:

There is a 2-stage application process which consists of initially submitting a 1-page outline application and later, by invitation only, a full proposal.

The deadline to submit this 1-page outline application is 17:00 on Wednesday 25th January 2023.

For more information about this call download the Operational Guidance document below.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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