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POC Funding Call up to £50K

BBNet is pleased to announce that the next Proof of Concept (POC) funding call will be happening soon. The topic for the next call will be “Biobased technologies for a sustainable textile economy”

The fashion and textiles sector is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emission and 20% of global waste water. BBNet will invite proof of concept proposals for research aimed at  underpinning a move to a more circular and sustainable textile economy.

Proposals should encompass bio-based approaches that underpin the use of low carbon sustainable feedstocks for textile manufacture, bio-based production of replacements for synthetic textile fibres, elimination of microplastics release from textile washing, the development of sustainable dyeing and finishing of textiles, and bio-based approaches for the recycling of end of life textiles. We wish to encourage projects that demonstrate an ability to help the UK to deliver on its net zero carbon and clean growth targets and ambitions.

The call will be launched via zoom at the end of March 2021.

Further information will follow soon. Registration to take part in the Zoom call launch will open soon, so watch this space!!!!


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