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Proof of Concept funds

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POC Funding Call up to £50K

30 September 2020

BBNet is pleased to announce the launch of a Proof of Concept (POC) funding competition. Eligible applicants are invited to submit research proposals with a maximum value of £50,000 in subject areas that fall within the remit of BBNet.

This BBNet POC call aims to support projects that develop new and improved processes for the conversion of non-food biomass into sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials with a focus on bio-based processes, where appropriate embracing chemical conversion and engineering. Acceptable feedstocks for this competition include any non-food biomass such as  crop residues, food and brewing industry process residues, food waste, waste card and paper or paper processing waste, marine biomass, and the biological fraction of municipal waste.

We wish to encourage projects that have a focus on the production of bulk chemicals, fuels or materials. Projects must have a clear aim of establishing work that is aimed at underpinning a commercially viable, and environmentally sustainable process. Projects should either involve close association with companies that have interests in target market areas, or provide a realistic outline of how eventual market entry may be achieved. Proposals should demonstrate an awareness of the scale and availability and cost of feedstocks, and describe how this is suited to product markets and value.

We wish to encourage projects that demonstrate an ability to help the UK to deliver on its net zero carbon and clean growth targets and ambitions. Projects will be assessed based on the quality of science, industry relevance, environmental sustainability, and potential to contribute to net carbon reduction and economic growth in the UK. Proposals that include contributions from industry partners will be favoured.

The application form and operational guidelines are available to download (see below)

Application Deadline to submit POC proposals: 30 September 2020. 

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