Network objectives

Network objectives

BBNet will build and sustain a community of academic and industrial innovators driven by the environmental benefits and socio-economic opportunities presented by the evolving sustainable bioeconomy.

BBNet will serve as a catalyst to bring the UK’s best scientists together with our most ambitious and innovative companies to drive forward the sustainable bioeconomy.

BBNet will horizon scan for this community, identifying opportunities and barriers to progress, and commissioning work to address these in a timely fashion.

BBNet will serve as a voice for our research community and develop more effective ways to make the case to policy makers and ensure that opportunities are not missed by government and Research Councils.

BBNet will strive to coordinate with and influence the multiple institutions and policy makers that have a stake in the development of the bioeconomy and ensure that our activities are harmonised where possible.

BBNet will occupy a unique position in the Biorefinery and Biorenewables landscape by bringing together practitioners from both industry and academia to catalyse innovation in the sector.

BBNet’s primary function is to catalyse innovation in the biomass biorefinery and biorenewable product sectors. We will emphasise translational research that encompasses and integrates sustainable biomass provision through to processing and production of fuels, chemicals and materials; encouraging genomic, synthetic and systems biology approaches in the research we sponsor. Some of the major challenges facing the biorefinery sector include; strain development, biomass deconstruction, process integration, product recovery and scale-up. Feedstocks will include agricultural and forest residues, industrial, municipal and commercial waste, marine biomass and biomass crops. Our remit will encompass bioprocessing, bio-catalysis and fermentation of biomass, and will embrace chemical conversion, engineering and combinations of these processes with thermochemical and other technologies. We will work with the Supergen Bioenergy Hub (which acts as a focal point for UK research, policy and industry communities to focus on sustainable bioenergy development) and other NIBBs to develop joint activities that combine our strengths to provide a holistic approach to biorefinery innovation. We will bring together expertise from the bioscience, chemistry, engineering, environment, mathematics, economics, social and policy sectors to drive technological innovation through to market adoption founded on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

BBNet will integrate and energise the UK bio-based sector and make the UK an attractive place for international companies to develop new technologies. We will bring together the industry and academic players needed to drive innovation, and provide resources to catalyse their activities.

BBNet will provide an information hub to gather sector intelligence to inform policy makers, researchers and businesses, and help develop an enabling regulatory framework for innovation.

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