Management and Governance

Management and Governance

BBNet has an Executive Group  that is responsible for the Network aims, and a Management Board that shapes strategy, advises and monitors the Executive Group, assesses applications for pump-priming funds, and safeguards the interests of the Network.

The Executive Group:

Simon McQueen-Mason, University of York (Network Director)

Patricia Thornley, Aston University (Network Co-Director)

David Leak, University of Bath (Network Co-Director)

Dimitris Charalampopoulos, University of Reading (Network Co-Director)

Michele Stanley, Scottish Association for Marine Science (Network Co-Director)

Veronica Ongaro, University of York (Network Manager)


The Management Board:

Claire Halpin, University of Dundee

Gavin Milligan, Green Knight Sustainability Consulting

Paul Mines, Biome Technologies Plc

Nigel Minton, University of Nottingham

Christine Parry, AB Agri Ltd

Nilay Shah, Imperial College London

Stuart West, Biocatalysts Ltd

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