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“UKBioChem10”- Highlights from the “UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities” report.

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“UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities”- Full report

The UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities report, commissioned by LBNet to E4tech, identifies ten bio-based chemicals where the UK could focus resources for maximum impact. These all present a clear long-term business opportunity for the UK, driven by a real demand for sustainable chemicals, where the UK already has strong foundations, and with the business and research infrastructure to […]

The latest news from the Biomass Biorefinery Network

Published on 10/01/20

2nd BIV Call up to £10K – Open Now!

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Published on 09/01/20

1st BBNet International Conference “Bio-manufacturing on the road to a net zero carbon economy” to be announced soon

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Published on 05/05/19

LBNet/BBNet report: “Plastics in the Bioeconomy” is now available

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Published on 31/05/18

Highlights from the “UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities” report

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Published on 22/05/18

The LBNet “UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities” full report available here!

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