LBNet funds awarded

Proof of Concept funds

POC01: Maximizing the Real Value of Lignin (MaRVeL)

Project lead
Tim Bugg
University of Warwick

Lignin valorisation

POC02: Arabinoxylan co-production from sugarcane bagasse in integrated biorefineries (ACSIB)

Project lead
Grant Campbell
University of Huddersfield

Arabinoxylans extraction

Business Interaction Vouchers

BIV01: Testing the effect of polyethylene glycol as an enzyme enhancer in lignocellulosic hydrolysis

Project lead
Charles J. Banks
University of Southampton

Lignocellulosic pretreatment

The latest news from the Biomass Biorefinery Network

Published on 09/08/19

1st BBNet sandpit workshop, leading to £50K for POC . Registration is now closed.

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Published on 05/05/19

LBNet/BBNet report: “Plastics in the Bioeconomy” is now available

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Published on 08/11/18

BBNet BIV 1st Round of Funding. Application deadline 20th September 2019

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Published on 31/05/18

Highlights from the “UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities” report

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Published on 22/05/18

The LBNet “UK Top Bio-based Chemicals Opportunities” full report available here!

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