BBNet and HVB ECR Workshop: An Early Career Researcher Toolkit for the Bioeconomy

BBNet and HVB ECR Workshop: An Early Career Researcher Toolkit for the Bioeconomy

Published on 08/07/22 · Categorised as News & Updates

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The BBNet and HVB NIBB held a joint ‘Early Career Researcher Workshop: A toolkit for the bioeconomy’ on 5-6 July. This event was organised in collaboration with an organising committee made up of ECRs from BBNet and HVB. The event was well attended by around 50 ECRs, who each got the opportunity to present their work either in a short talk or a poster. Management Board members from both networks also engaged with the ECRs at the event, giving insights on commercialising research and their career paths along the way.

ECR heard from, and had the chance to network with:

Paul Mines, Biome Technologies PlcGroup of ECR workshop attendees standing in the gardens of the event venue.

Rebecca Wood, Croda Europe Ltd

Simon Saxby, Leaf Expression Analysis

Matthew Hodges, Oxford Biotrans

Gavin Milligan, Green Knight Sustainability Consulting

Joe Ross, Biorenewables Development Centre

Ian Graham, HVB Director

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